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Some of our features

100% Intel Cores

We only use high-end hardware for maximum performance. This is also ensured by our SSD-only policy. IOPS latency will never be a problem.

No long term contracts

Sign-up and cancel whenever you want. There is no minimum billing period with our services.

Powerful API

Using our simple API you can quickly start uploading your files into the cloud and start serving them to your viewers.

Use your player

We do not restrict you in using our player. You can use your own player for maximum customization.

Different resolutions

You can choose to auto-convert your uploaded file to different resolutions. In doing so, you maximize your userbase coverage. Soon!

Relevant Analytics

Simple, relevant, usefull analytics. If this is what you want, this is what you get.

Advanced Security

Hotlink protection and request-rate limiting. These are only some of the security features that you can control for your videos.


You can opt-in to use our player to display ads. This will gain you revenue to pay for your pay-as-you-go plan. Soon!

And More ...

Register an account nou and start discovering all the other features that are not listed here ...


Always Up-to-date

FlexCDN keeps pace with the latest technology so you don't have to worry about unpatched security holes or outdated & slow services.


The streaming services are smartly designed, to take full benefits of the hardware, software and networking capabilities. A simple example is delivering the file at just above bitrate speed.


We love open-source so much that all our software is made using open-source technologies. We also donate some of our income to support open-source developers.

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